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Borders comprised of binary code.
5 mins

Smart borders: Hubs of mass surveillance

Automated border-crossing systems are designed to be convenient. But what are we giving up along the way?
Half demon, split profile picture.
5 mins

Top 6 deepfake apps: Are they safe?

Sure, it’s fun to see your face in a blockbuster film, but you might be giving away more than you realize when using deepfake apps.
USB symbol crossing border.
8 mins

Q&A: Alex Gladstein on smuggling forbidden media via USB sticks

We speak to the Human Rights Foundation about its mission to send films and news of the outside world to North Korea.
Padlock with eye and circuit nodes.
7 mins

Machines are learning, and they know a lot about you

Artificial intelligence makes our lives more convenient, but the tech leaves us with little privacy.
16 mins

13 more surveillance-themed movies and shows

Our new picks for more entertaining movies and shows about privacy and surveillance.
Cross health symbol with Wi-Fi signal.
5 mins

The rise of telehealth: What it means for patient privacy

The increased adoption of telehealth services across the globe brings with it new and unprecedented privacy and security challenges.
Pencil eraser wiping a smartphone.
2 mins

How to wipe your iPhone or Android before selling it

Failing to correctly wipe your smartphone could leave your information vulnerable for access by its next owner. Here’s how to do it.
Red circle with cross and mouse cursor.
4 mins

How reputation management can help you stay private

Online reputation management (ORM) isn’t just for celebrities and politicians. Regular individuals can use these paid services to control the flow of their personal data.
Free streaming $0.
21 mins

60 best free streaming services around the world

It’s time to start planning for your next lazy weekend to binge all the content in the world. You don’t even have to pay.
RAID storage data backup.
5 mins

Guide to data hoarding for the end of the world

Do you like to download large quantities of information off the internet for safe keeping? You might be a data hoarder—and that’s a good thing!

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